Schroth scoliosis-therapy

The system of breathing exercises meal is considered one of the few effective methods of correction of scoliosis. Schroth therapy is officially recognized and applied in many countries around the world. For example, in Germany it is a service of compulsory medical insurance.
The classes of meal-therapy
This method of correction was named by the name of creator - Katharina Schroth. The method - breathing exercises. Thanks to them, can not consistently have an effect on those parts of the spine who underwent pathological changes in scoliosis. At the same time on the unaffected sections do not apply.
The very aching scoliosis, German Katharina Schroth physiotherapist decided to try to defeat the illness. The basis of his method, she took the principle of removing dents on a rubber ball. As the ball Katharina Schroth decided to consider the human body. The concave side of scoliosis - a crater on the ball. Hence the idea - to breathe the air, fill the concave part of it. Katarina won his illness, and in the 20s of the XX century, it created a clinic that uses its method of breathing exercises in dealing with scoliosis. Now clinics are spread throughout the world.
Three-dimensional correction of scoliosis by the method of Schroth recommended for patients of all ages - both adults and children. Schroth-therapy can be given in combination with massage and physical therapy . Classes for respiratory therapy Schroth individual. Before you start it, the patient already knows what his type of scoliosis, and a specialist determines where on the body of the patient are concave space, which will have to learn to breathe.
The basis of the developed Katharina Schroth exercises is that the correction is due to the asymmetric breathing, which is directed opposite to the curvature of scoliosis. The patient should be targeted to breathe in concave areas of the chest. Initially, this setting can cause confusion. But in fact, intercostal muscles, with which the breath, mind controlled by the same way as the muscles of the limbs. Therefore, learn conscious breathing to asymmetric forces everyone.
Early studies carried out on a table, a couch for massage. In the table provided an opening for the face that the patient was free to lie face down.First, a gentle massage sinking zones. His goal - to give the patient an opportunity to remember those zones. Next, the so-called "breath of meal." It is made sinking zones in sequence. The instructor puts his hand on the area, and the patient tries to "raise" her for inspiration. "Breath of meal" perform a poluszhatye lips and make the maximum length. Because of this intense work intercostal muscles. Instructor, strongly pushing the bulging zone, contributes to the fact that the breath is more complete. These exercises allow the patient to remember the technique of inhaling and exhaling certain areas.
Leading specialists who treat scoliosis, noted that the breathing exercises for the meal - it is an effective range of existing methods of physical therapy, strength, breathing, ideomotor, relaxation gymnastics, and some others. Along with medical korsetirovaniem Schroth therapy is considered the most effective conservative treatment for scoliosis.

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